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It often seems that there are so many reseller or affiliate programs around that making a choice is too much trouble. This can lead to the decision you make being counterproductive to what your business needs – and there’s a sound reason that we do this. A study known as the ‘jam test’ found that when faced with a lot of choice, us humans tend to choose to make none at all.

The jam test was actually a series of studies, taking place in laboratory settings and in ‘the field’, which looked into how people made choices when given a low number and a high number of jam pots to choose from. One sample set were given just six choices, whilst others were given 24 and 30.

Of the groups given the higher number to choose from (more jam), just 3% actually went ahead and made a purchase. Of those who were given just six not only did 30% of them buy, but they were overall more satisfied with their purchase.

Too much of a bad thing?

So, too much choice, rather than being something we can’t have enough of, is actually a bad thing.

When it comes to choosing your partners in a business sense, it’s sometimes a little tempting to plump for many. This can lead to a very messy-looking site which is filled with banners, or too much admin, or at the very worst recommending services to your site visitors that you haven’t tried and don’t know if it’s any good.

With this in mind, you should at least give any prospective partner’s services at the very least a trial run.

Affiliate hosting partners

When it comes to hosting and choosing a partner then, there’s a few things that you want to be looking out for. Contrary to popular belief, not all hosting companies are created equally. The bottom end of the market, where you can get hosting for free or pennies, is rarely worth recommending to other businesses, although they are OK for hobbyists who aren’t too concerned with uptimes and such like.

With free and cheap hosting, support is rarely good enough either. Anecdotal stories abound about how a business has had to move their entire site because they have been pretty much ignored by support when something has come up that can’t be fixed.

So you want to be looking for a partner that:

  • Has great uptime and can prove it
  • Has recommendations and testimonials from existing clients
  • Has a fairly generous commission structure
  • Offers a guarantee for their services
  • Offers a good range of hosting services for businesses of all sizes

Your reputation and your partner’s

By careful checking out who you’re going to be doing business with, you’re essentially protecting your own. These days, reputation is everything online; a bad service can and does propagate quickly around social media and it’s not something that you want to be a part of if you can help it.

By choosing the right partner you can ensure that it doesn’t.

Make sure too that your business aligns with the partners that you choose. So for partnering with a hosting company, it’s likely that your business will be around one or more of the following:

  • Web/graphic design
  • Digital agency (marketing, SEO, content, etc.)
  • IT support
  • Social media specialists
  • App developers
  • Software developers

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. If you have any connection to working on the internet, or with technology products, then choosing to partner with a web hosting company is a good move. There’s no work to do, you don’t have to provide the hosting support, you’re simply making a recommendation and perhaps placing a banner on your site and getting paid for it.

These days, it pays to have additional revenue streams to help support your business. Whilst the internet economy is a very strong one, especially in the UK, it’s also hugely competitive.

Anything that helps to give your business an edge can only ever be a good thing.

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