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Cloud Computing: Top 5 Cloud Myths Debunked

When a new technology like cloud computing emerges, for the first few years you’re not going to get a consensus. When it is impacting business practice, making it easier for freelancers and creatives to get started and service their clients, … Continue reading


What’s happening in the Cloud?

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Why Apple’s co-founder is wrong about the Cloud

Steve Wozniak is the grandfather of modern computing. The co-founder of Apple, along with one Steve Jobs, redefined how people use computers. For many in the tech world he is a hero. Simple as that. Complete hero. Designed computers in … Continue reading


Top five trends for Cloud Computing

Technology is all about staying ahead of the curve. The best way to do that is to be able to see what’s coming and how you can fit your strategy to adapt and grow with new innovations and developments. Cloud … Continue reading


GoDaddy’s outage reveals how hosting firms’ have responsibility

There will be managers at GoDaddy, the internet hosting company and domain registrar, who will be looking forward to the end of this week. A six hour service outage on Monday affected thousands, if not potentially millions, of customers. Unable … Continue reading