Hosted SharePoint

Say goodbye to the boring team meeting

Hand on heart, how many meetings have you been in this week? How many times in any of those meetings have you thought “do I really need to be here?” It can be frustrating when you’ve got a huge project … Continue reading

Hosted Exchange

Do re-sellers miss the biggest draw of the Cloud?

For a Hosted Exchange Reseller, the aim is to emphasise the strengths and potential of the Cloud. Streamlined service, cheaper outgoings, the ease of changing to a new system. These are often the first things that a reseller will discuss … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

The revolution for web designers

There’s a revolution happening for web designers right now. HTML 5 is one of the most exciting developments for what designers will be able to offer clients. It’s a cross-platform mark-up language that will streamline and simplify the production of … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

How Cloud Computing is starting a boom for entrepreneurs

Those in the know in the tech world have been looking at trends. They examine how businesses are working, what technology they’re using and how it is affecting their working practice. These are people that don’t agree on much, but … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

Why LinkedIn’s breach heightens importance of cloud security

It has been a tough week for social networking site LinkedIn. Forced to admit that over 3 million passwords were cracked and nearly six million unique passwords were grabbed from the site it has left users feeling shocked and confused. … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

Could the cloud protect you from the economy?

There’s been a sense amongst entrepreneurs and small business that if they’ve been able to grow over the past four years it’s been a bonus. Standing still, for many has been the aim. It’s been a challenging time but could … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

The four ways web design is easier in the Cloud

Cloud computing is changing how we use the web. It’s shifted how we hold information and where we store it. What does that mean for web designers? The cloud also offers an opportunity for web designers to streamline their work … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are as flexible as our outlook

If there’s one buzz word likely to stay around after the recession is a mere memory it is this: flexibility. The last five years has been tough for a lot of businesses and many are feeling battered and bruised. But … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers aren’t just for big business

IBM has announced it is offering a new service for its “enterprise class” customers. The computing giant says it plans to park its mainframes in the Cloud. Essentially it means that the amount of downtime will be reduced by nearly … Continue reading

Cloud Servers

How a Cloud Server creates a private virtual environment

We all want a bit of space we can call our own. Online you want something flexible, affordable and that is geared to your needs and those of your home or business. The Cloud Server is turning into one of … Continue reading