Dedicated Servers

Benefits of using a dedicated server

If you have a business with a demanding online presence, chances you are using a dedicated server. In the world of web hosting you truly get what you pay for. In this article, you will read the benefits of using … Continue reading

Around the office

Intrahost Sponsor YMCA Sleep Easy 2011

Grimsby Cleethorpes and Humber Region YMCA have participated in the YMCA Sleep Easy event that was held at Blundell Park, Cleethorpes – the home of Grimsby Town FC. Over 70 volunteers slept rough in plummeting temperatures to raise funds for … Continue reading

Web Hosting

Reasons to have a self-hosted blog

A commonly asked question by new bloggers is: “What is the best option? Choosing a hosted blog or having a self-hosted blog?” Both hosting platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. The best option is choosing the self-hosted blog. WordPress is … Continue reading


Free Web Hosting to 5 UK Charities

As providers of reliable business web hosting, Intrahost are offering 5 UK charities free web hosting. Five UK charities will benefit from our 24/7 technical support and high availability. Complete this form if you are looking for free hosting for … Continue reading

Web Hosting

The misconception of unlimited web hosting

Thousands of web hosting providers are available and many promise: unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. It sounds fantastic, a web hosting company that provides unlimited resources, right? In this article we will expose the myths of unlimited web hosting. … Continue reading

Web Hosting

Reasons not to host your website on your home computer

Back in 2005, I had an interesting conversation with someone who wanted a website. In order to save costs the person asked: “Instead of purchasing web hosting, can I host the website on my PC? It’ll save me money on … Continue reading

Web Hosting

Don’t buy any web hosting until you have read this!

Selecting a reliable web hosting provider is a real challenge. There are thousands of web hosting companies available. Many companies provide white label hosting where web designers and Internet marketers are capable of starting their own web hosting business. There … Continue reading


First Apple computer sold for £133,000 at a London auction

An original Apple-1 computer was sold at a London Auction yesterday for a staggering £133,250. The Apple-1 was released in July 1976, where only 200 were produced. The price tag back in 1976 was $666.66 (£422.14) which only included a … Continue reading

Domain Hosting

Want a free .com domain?

Get a .com domain registration completely free of charge from Intrahost! In a UK first, Intrahost is offering a free .com domain name with every 12 month web hosting package! You can even choose the operating system on your web hosting … Continue reading


Enjoy HDLive 2010?

We had a great time as sponsors of this year’s HDLive2010 and the feedback we have received from attendees is that you did too. Whether you attended or not here’s a great blog post available about HDlive 2010 by Leonard … Continue reading