Case Study : 939 design

The quality of product and level of personal service provided by the Intrahost team has been outstanding. By taking away the hassle of running cloud VPS servers they have given us more time to concentrate on web design and other projects
939 design Logo
939 Design Limited is a leading web design company which provides high quality design strategies, graphics, development and hosting for a range of businesses.


Demand for 939 Design’s web hosting services had grown rapidly over a short space of time but their existing internet server provider (ISP) failed to keep up. The ISP’s service was compounded by inadequate customer support, making it increasingly hard for 939 Design to run their hosting service effectively.


Intrahost needed to provide 939 Design with a more resilient platform that would offer greater performance and the flexibility to grow memory and disk space the instant the company needed it. 939 Design’s busy workload and competitive pricing meant Intrahost also needed to offer a solution that was both cost effective and hassle free to implement.


Intrahost used its cloud servers, to provide 939 Design with a stable, secure and flexible hosting environment, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.


Intrahost’s high performance VPS is extremely reliable and can be smoothly scaled to ever more powerful physical hosts as demand increases. Committed data rates mean 939 Design websites run at a quick pace even during busy periods. In addition, the VPS was implemented using the same control panel software already in use making the whole transition process quick and simple.