Case Study : Northstar Creative Limited

Intrahost is the only company I trust with my email and web hosting. Their service is excellent, reliable and personal - a different league to all my previous experiences with internet service providers.
Northstar Creative Limited Logo
Northstar Creative Limited is a virtual advertising agency, specialising in the Internet and all aspects of web development, Search Engine Optimisation and promotion. It was set up by Fred Campbell after more than 20 years working in leading advertising agencies, throughout the UK. Through a network of partners in Hull, London, Canada and Australia this one man band provides a complete service for SMEs.


Northstar had a growing list of clients and increasing problems with its internet server provider (ISP). Downtime and email failures were key issues, compounded by frustrating and inadequate customer support. Trying to rectify problems became and increasing drain on vital time and was souring client relationships.


Intrahost needed to provide Northstar with a more resilient platform that would offer greater performance and the flexibility to grow memory and disk space the instant the company needed it. Northstar’s busy workload and competitive pricing meant Intrahost also needed to offer a solution that was both cost effective and hassle free to implement.


Intrahost used its Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology, to provide Northstar with a stable, secure and flexible hosting environment, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.


Intrahost’s high performance VPS is extremely reliable and can be smoothly scaled to ever more powerful physical hosts as demand increases. Committed data rates mean Northstar websites run at a quick pace even during busy periods.