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Our cloud servers are our most flexible and robust ever. You get complete peace of mind and all at our lowest ever price.

What is a cloud VPS server?

A cloud VPS server is a virtual server that runs on a cluster of physical server computers. Our virtualisation software (Xen) ensures that your cloud sever is fully optimised and secure and operates just like a single dedicated server. Every Intrahost Cloud VPS Server is allocated a portion of CPU, RAM and disk storage dynamically. We always ensure that there is enough capacity for every customer's server. Our cloud servers also store their data on a network RAID array.

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Choose a cloud VPS server if:

  • You need to deploy your website quickly
  • You need to be able to restore from backups quickly
  • You need backups included for free
  • You need minimum downtime for memory and storage upgrades
  • You need to be able to reboot through a control panel

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  • You need to be able to re-image your server through a control panel
  • You require server and disk resilience (if a server or disk or even an entire SAN fails on our cloud platform, your website will still continue to run)
  • You do not require lots of disk storage, memory or CPU (resources on a cloud platform tend to be more costly than with a dedicated server)

If you require a server that has a lot of disk storage or a lot of processor power, we recommend that you purchase a dedicated server. However, Cloud VPS Servers are generally more flexible and resilient to hardware failures.

Increased resilience

The fact that you have multiple pieces of hardware running your server also greatly increases the resilience of your set-up. If a piece of hardware does fail the system will automatically switch to an alternative resource meaning reduced downtime.

Traditional hosting

Cloud hosting

Cloud servers are also incredibly cost effective as you only pay for the resources that you require at the time.
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Fast & Friendly Support™

Once your cloud server is set-up you will have full access through your control panel and SSH. Our Fast & Friendly Support™ will always be there to help out with any problems and more importantly offer help and advice on how you can get the most benefit from your cloud server.

Why choose Intrahost for your cloud VPS servers?

Our cloud servers use the high-end HP blade servers protected by advanced Cisco Firewalls and all of our data centres are in the UK. This means our cloud servers are rock solid and fast and you know that your data is safely stored in the UK.

We offer quick and easy set-up with no minimum contracts. So you can be up and running in no time with no long-term commitment all backed up with our Fast & Friendly Support™.

Order now or contact our infrastructure team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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9 good reasons to buy your Cloud Servers from us

9 good reasons
to buy your Cloud Servers from us

  • Choice of Operating System
  • We’re Open 24/7
  • UK Data Centres
  • Monthly Contracts
  • High Availability Storage Configuration
  • Enterprise Grade Disk Storage
  • High Availability and Load Balancing
  • Self-Healing Cloud Technology
  • Fast and Friendly Support™

What you say

Intrahost used its Linux Cloud Server technology, to provide eskimosoup with a stable, secure and flexible hosting environment, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.

Chris Middleton, Principal Director