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What is a domain?

A domain, or domain name, is the text that your customers use to access your website. It links to the actual address of the web server that your website is hosted on which is a string of numbers called an IP address.

Domains are usually made up of two parts; the Top-Level Domain (TLD) and the Second-Level Domain (SLD). The TLD, also sometimes refered to as the domain extension, is the last part of domain for example ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.co.uk’. The SLD is the part that you choose so for our website the SLD is ‘intrahost’.

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How to choose a domain:

Your domain name will be the name of your website and will be something that you need to be easily communicate to your customers. If you are a company just operating in the U.K. then a ‘.co.uk’ is your best option or a ‘.com’ if you would like to trade outside of the U.K.

If you can’t find a suitable ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.com’ domain then we also offer a wide range of other extensions.

Choose a domain that:

  • is easily memorable
  • is not too long
  • reflects your company and/or service
  • relates to things that people might search for in a search engine

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Why choose Intrahost for your hosted domains?

We offer domains at some of the lowest prices around, including a .com domain for only £6.95 a year. This includes access to our fully-featured, but easy-to-use control panel that allows you to easily manage large numbers of domains.

Our Fast & Friendly Support™ team is available 24/7 and will happily bulk transfer large numbers of domains for you, ensuring that the process is quick and seamless.

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6 good reasons to buy your Domains from us

6 good reasons
to buy your Domains from us

  • Very Cheap Domains
  • Wide selection of TLDs
  • We're Open 24/7
  • UK Data Centres
  • Bulk Domain Transfer
  • Easy DNS Control Panel

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