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What is VMware hosting?

VMware hosting provides organisations with a highly flexible and scalable hosting for websites and hosted applications. The hosting solution is tailored to your exact requirements and you are appointed a dedicated account manager/engineer to assist with design and implementation advice.

Are all VMware hosting solutions bespoke?

Yes. We firstly like to understand your requirements and what it is you are looking to achieve. We then provide advice on the best solution. This may include multiple VMware host servers, dedicated firewalls and network switches, load-balancers and replication software such as Double-Take or NeverFail.

Can I have datacentre to datacentre failover/replication?

Yes. We are experienced in a number of replication technologies, such as Double-Take, NeverFail, SAN replication and D2D backup device replication.

What resources (RAM, CPU and disk storage) can I have?

There is no limit to the resources that you can purchase from us.

Can I have a dedicated firewall?

Yes. We offer both shared/managed Cisco 5500 series firewalls and dedicated firewalls with full admin access for customers.

Can I have SAN (Storage Area Network) storage?

Yes. We offer both SAN storage and local disk storage.

Do I need to supply my own Operating System license?

No. We provide Windows Server or Linux licenses as part of the solution, however, you are also free to use your own licenses.

How many virtual servers can I run on a single host server?

There is no limit to the number of virtual servers you can run, other than the CPU, RAM and disk storage limits of the host servers. Here is a useful PDF stating the Configuration Maximums of vSphere 5.

Can I choose which Operating System is used for the virtual servers?

Yes. You can choose any Operating System to be installed on the virtual servers. We are able to technically support any Windows Server release and CentOS and Ubuntu linux distributions.

Where are the data centres that are used to store my data?

We use data centres in Hull, Leeds, Manchester and Barnsley.

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8 good reasons to buy your VMWare Hosting from us

8 good reasons
to buy your VMWare Hosting from us

  • High Availability and Load Balancing
  • Highly Resilient Firewall
  • Latest VMware technologies
  • Fast & Friendly Supportâ„¢
  • Self-Healing Cloud Technology
  • UK Based Hosting
  • Our Team of VMware experts
  • We're Open 24/7

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