How do I install IIS, FTP or SMTP?

To install IIS on a windows dedicated server, follow the below instructions...

  • Open up control panel > Add remove programs > Add/Remove windows components
  • Select Application server, then click details
  • Select IIS, and again details

If you just require IIS you can now click OK on the open windows. If you also require the IIS manager, FTP and SMTP services, before clicking OK follow the below instructions.

  • Select IIS Manager, and if required FTP and SMTP
  • Click OK on all open windows

In order to complete the install you will be prompted for the Windows installation disc. If you have a hosted dedicated server from Intrahost, the files you need to complete this installation will be located on your C:\ drive, under thI386 folder. Simply browse to this folder then hit the open button when prompted.


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