FixWHM/cPanel cPHulk brute force protection lockout

If locked out from either cPanel, or ssh login due to brute force attack, you will need to access the comman line interface.

Once logged in, open up the mysql command prompt, by typing mysql

Once at the mysql command prompt, connect to the cPHulk database by entering the following command: connect cphulkd

To clear the brute force attack history, enter the following commands;

delete from brutes;


delete from logins;

You will now be able to log back in to your system.

In order to prevent this happening, you can either add specific users to the whitelist (do not do this with the root user).

Or alternatively, and the better option of the 2, is to add your ip address to the whitelist. (This presumes that you are connecting from a static ip, or have access to a static ip which can be whitelisted as a fail safe).

If you keep experiencing this lockout, it would be advisable to contact a member of our support team to discuss other measures which can be taken to secure your server and dissuade brute force attacks from targeting your server.

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