How do i give someone ftp access to a specific folder?

The simplest way to do this is by using IIS.

Log in to your server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and open up computer management located at: - Start> All Programs> Administrative Tools> Computer Management

Then create a user by extending users & groups, clicking on the users folder, then in the main window right click and select create new user.

Enter a username and password, and ensure you set the password to never expire and do not allow the user to change the password. The other options are irrelevant.

Now open up your IIS Manager, located at: - Start> All Programs> Administrative Tools> Internet Information Services (IIS)

Expand the (local computer) menu, then extend the FTP sites list, so you should see the listing Default FTP Site.

Right click this and then expand New, and select Virtual Directory.

You will be asked to enter an Alias, this MUST be the EXACT same name that you set for the user when you created the user. This is hugely important.

Now select the folder they will open up in, in this case your blog folder, click next and set the permissions to be read and write checked and click next.

The user will now be able to log in over FTP using the username and password you supplied, and only have access to the blog folder.

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